Sustainability: Conservation Crusade or Human Plight? (zum Download)

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Nachhaltigkeit (sustainability)

30x30: Conservation Crusade or Human Plight?
Unraveling the Unintended Socio-Economic Consequences

This written reflective element examines Target 3 of the Post-2020 Kunming-Montreal Global
Biodiversity Framework, an ambitious initiative to conserve 30% of the Earth's land and oceans
by 2030. The study focuses on the socio-economic impacts of expanding protected areas,
specifically addressing the consequences for local and indigenous communities in or near
these areas.
The key findings uncover diverse interpretations of the target across stakeholders due to
varying motivations. The study identifies significant challenges in the target's ambiguous
wording, advocating for more comprehensive guidelines to ensure effective and equitable
implementation. It also exposes potential adverse impacts, such as community displacement,
cultural fragmentation, and economic disruptions, emphasizing the discrepancies between
policy intentions and ground-level implementation.
The study underscores the need for genuine community engagement and co-creative
approaches in conservation efforts, suggesting that conservation strategies should balance
ecological objectives with social considerations and respect human rights. It concludes by
recommending a more inclusive and holistic approach to conservation, integrating ecological
goals and the recognition of the cultures, histories, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge of
indigenous and local communities for more effective and lasting biodiversity conservation.

Masterarbeit an der Universität Edinburg 2024 in Englisch

Master of Science in Englisch

Verfasserin: Dipl(FH), M.Sc., M.A. Agnes Schneidt

ISBN 978-3-89697-703-8

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